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“I Get You Back Into Your Life Again, After A Loss” – Ann Allen

Show up in Your Life, again!

Have fun, enjoy, laugh.

Be with your family and friends; they’ll enjoy being around you, again.

Actually have a LIFE, again!

What connections has grief cost you?

What will your life look like without grief?

Get your Time and Energy back!

Grieving takes so much energy.

Most people are absolutely exhausted from grieving and don’t even know it.

How much time is grief costing you; at work at home…?

What do you want back in your life?

Feel the Feelings without the Pain!

Talk, look at photos, without the pain and heartache. 

Enjoy being with the people who matter, again.

How closed down have you become, in your grief?

If you don’t do this, what WILL you do?

“….as you have shown me, Recovery can be so liberating. . . . Something of a new high for me!! So good to be in your capable, and generous hands.”

Linda W

“The way the sessions are set up in the program are well done. Each one made me take some responsibility.

I became open, honest and trusting with Ann and she listened to my whole life story and emotional pain. By her total support, she has given me the knowledge and freedom to complete the course and resolve the pain of my loss.

I will continue to use this method in my life on other losses and will be recommending others to join this program.”

Donna B

“I am so grateful for this book and for Ann’s help. I could not have recovered from my grief over my Mom without this. Grief Recovery really works. It’s such a relief.”

Carolyn M

“I have lived in grief for 35 years and without this course, I would have died in grief despite all my attempts to heal.
I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the Grief Recovery course.

I felt completely safe to speak my truth to Ann. She is a true partner in this healing journey.

Ann’s knowledge and presentation of this recovery method was excellent and her ability to facilitate with firm kindness was exactly as needed.”

Tom H

Why Don’t They Get It?

You try to get them to understand that you just don’t want to talk about it or you’d rather be left alone, right now.
You really don’t want to go shopping, or go for a drink, or get a new puppy or whatever else they’re trying to get you to do, to make you feel better.
That only lasts a little while and then it’s right back to feeling like THIS.

 Maybe you want them to start treating you like they used to instead of feeling like everyone is walking on egg shells around you.
They’re scared to say the wrong thing, or worse yet, say a name, or place, or thing…they just don’t like it when you cry or go quiet.

 They say to call if you need to talk, but they just end up changing the topic or talking about what happened when they were going through something like this.
Then there’s the classic: “I know how you’re feeling” – like they know how I’m feeling…please…You have no idea how I’m feeling!

 Why can’t they understand what I’m going through? I’m drowning here; I’m becoming invisible.
Throw me a rope, not some outdated cliche that’s just going to make me want to give up or disappear into myself, even more.

 Why can’t they just understand? I shouldn’t have to explain any of this. I shouldn’t have to feel like this.

 I feel like I want to scream; only thing is, I’m scared if I start, I may not want to stop!
I don’t even know if I CAN feel anything anymore; I just feel numb.

 I just keep telling them: “I’m fine”. It saves me having to deal with them trying to FIX me.
I don’t need to be fixed. I need to be HEARD!

I need HELP!

How Does It Work?

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Now we’re talking and I can make sure you know exactly what we’ll be doing together and that you’re ready to do the work.
We’ll be making sure we’re a good fit for each other.

OK; now we get to the good stuff and we’re  working together, either:
In Group, Online or
In person.
You’re well on your way to getting BACK INTO YOUR LIFE, AGAIN!
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How Much Will This Cost?

However you decide to work with me, I’ve got you covered!
When we talk with each other, we’ll go over the different options for working together:

  • Groups: Maximum of 8 people, for individual attention
  • Private Client: Online (Anywhere in the World) or In Person Sessions – I can also come to you, if needed
  • Packages: For Private Client and Private Client Elite – Optional Reiki / Energy Work Support and Bonus Sessions
  • Payment Plans: Are always available

We find the best option that suits your finances.

Remember, the question you should be answering is: “If I don’t do this, what am I going to do?”

Now, click the blue box and “Let’s Get Started”

Tell Me How I Can Help YOU:

Ann Allen

What I do:

I get you back into your life again, after a loss.

You’re smart, successful, capable, work hard and you’ve got it all together.

But; you’ve got a secret – it’s not all together.

You see; you’ve lost something or someone that was very important to you, and it’s affecting your life!

Things are falling terribly apart and you’re trying desperately to keep it all together.

You’ve been running around trying to be strong for everyone else.

But, your heart is broken 

You’re feeling defeated.

You’re exhausted.

And no matter how hard you try, you just can’t bounce back.

Now, you’re not a victim. And you feel like you should be able to figure this out for yourself. 

But, you’ve finally realized you just don’t have the right tools to get back to that capable, accomplished person you know are.

The good news, is that there’s a path that can take you through the pain and the confusion, so you can step fully back into your life, again.

For over 11 years, I have helped many people just like you, who may have felt they were just going to have to “gut” it out; to move through the darkness and start living life fully again, with joy and purpose.

This is not therapy!

I take you by the hand and give you compassionate but powerful tools, so you can recover from your grief.

This is not the end.

Let me show you how you can get back into your life, again.

I’ve been on some pretty amazing adventures to arrive here in Vancouver, Washington, USA.
I was born in New Zealand and still have the accent or so they tell me. Funny thing is, when I go back to NZ, they think I’m American; oh well…

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I Love Animals and Speed!

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