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Why Grief is so Lonely

This is me, in a cave, alone with my pain; or so I thought. Someone just happened to take a photo of me and I'm pleased they did! This is what MY pain looks like. The thing is that most of us don't want others to see our pain, or we can't face it, ourselves. Pain...


Enjoying Reiki with Animals

  One of the true passions of my life is anything animals. I adore them.   I think it's no secret to those who know me that cats are certainly a favorite.    I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit a particularly, lovely kitty shelter, here in...


“Who’s the Healer, anyway?”

When I "asked" for the topic of this month's Featured Article, I got: "Healing Responsibility" So, that begs the question; what is healing and what is responsibility? My definitions: Healing: is creating space for balance within the mind, body and spirit, to allow...

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