One of the true passions of my life is anything animals. I adore them.  

I think it’s no secret to those who know me that cats are certainly a favorite. 
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit a particularly, lovely kitty shelter, here in Vancouver:
Furry Friends
I was greeted very warmly by Donna.Thank you, very much Donna.
Here is an excerpt from their newsletter about the visit and how the kitties reacted to me and the Reiki.
Notice the curl in Josie’s tail – she was either very happy, or had a question?

“Reiki Master Ann Allen:
We had a special treat at the Halfway House.
Ann Allen is a Reiki Master and came to do a session with some of our kitties that are having a tougher time adjusting.
We would like to thank Julie Baldino of Front Door Realty for paying for a couple sessions for us.
On July 25, Ann Allen, a Reiki (pronounced ray’-kee) Master, came to the Halfway House to share her energy with our kitties.
She visited with all of them and they seemed to be drawn to her, head-butting, giving kitty kisses, kneading, and rolling onto their backs while she petted them.
Josie, our very shy cat, overcame that shyness with Ann and later with me. Some animals are more receptive to Ann’s energy than others.
Sometimes you don’t notice anything different; other times you’ll notice striking differences.
It will be very interesting to observe our kitties over the next week or so.
If nothing else, our cats got to spend some quality time with a very nice, kitty-loving person.”

Ask me about the Benefits of Reiki for You and Your Animals: Click Here!

Video of a Lovely Little Kitten in another Shelter after I offered him Reiki: Click Here

Some Things to consider:

  • Most Shelters/Sanctuaries DO NOT receive federal or state funding – Donations, only!
  • They can always use our help with either time, money or care items
  • Spaying and Neutering will keep the “unwanted” animal population in check
  • Approximately 1.5 million animals are euthanized per year in the USA!
  • Check with your local shelter for “Low Cost” neutering and the right information!
  • An un-spayed cat and her kittens can produce over 420,000 kittens in their lifetime
  • An un-spayed dog and her puppies can produce over 97,00 puppies in their lifetime
  • Get your animals spayed/neutered AND Microchipped – Get the right information!
  • Over 10 million pets are lost or stolen per year
  • 1 in 3 animals will be lost in their lifetime
  • Less than 40% of animals are reunited with their families, because they aren’t microchipped!
  • ALL Animals need our Awareness, Love and Protection!

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