This is Me:

Ann Allen 

What I do:

I get you back into your life again, after a loss.

You’re smart, successful, capable, work hard and you’ve got it all together.

But; you’ve got a secret – it’s not all together.

You see; you’ve lost something or someone that was very important to you, and it’s affecting your life!

Things are falling terribly apart and you’re trying desperately to keep it all together.

You’ve been running around trying to be strong for everyone else.

But, your heart is broken 

You’re feeling defeated.

You’re exhausted.

And no matter how hard you try, you just can’t bounce back.

Now, you’re not a victim. And you feel like you should be able to figure this out for yourself. 

But, you’ve finally realized you just don’t have the right tools to get back to that capable, accomplished person you know are.

The good news, is that there’s a path that can take you through the pain and the confusion, so you can step fully back into your life, again.

For over 11 years, I have helped so many people just like you, who may have felt they were just going to have to “gut” it out; to move through the darkness and start living life fully again, with joy and purpose.

This is not therapy!

I take you by the hand and give you compassionate but powerful tools, so you can recover from your grief.

This is not the end.

Let me show you how you can get back into your life, again.


I’ve been on some pretty crazy adventures to arrive here in Vancouver, Washington, USA.
I was born in New Zealand and still have the accent or so they tell me. Funny thing is, when I go back to NZ, they think I’m American; oh well…

I’ve done many, many things in my life, but they have all led me to the realization that I am a Healer; one way or another. Whether it’s Grief Recovery or Energy Work.

I trained as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® over 10 years ago and have been helping people GET BACK INTO THIER LIFE, ever since. I love it!  I’ve been using Energy Work, to help people for years. I love it!

One of my true passions is animals. I adore them. I learned Reiki to help my little kitty girl, Princess who died, after being with me for 18 years. That’s almost longer than my two marriages lasted!

I offer Reiki and Energy Work to animals in shelters and people in hospices.
I can use it to support you through your Grief Recovery if you like; or I can use it to help you with your current challenges.

If you really knew me, you would know that I love adventure and speed; Indie 500 laps; here I come!
I just recently donated my motorbike, but I still hear the call of the road…

The one thing that is really important to me, is that you feel seen and heard; and for you to know that you matter!

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