Princess Allen
1999 – 8.28.17

This little, girl came to me when I was working as a Vet Tech in LA.

One of the other techs, on her way to work, paid a little boy $5 to go over the fence and get whatever was meowing on the other side.

She came in covered in fleas, 2 big runny, open wounds on her cheek, runny nose and eyes she could barely see out of, severely dehydrated and she had a really bad cold.
She was in really bad shape.
She was also very feral!
It took quite awhile for her to trust me.
I would build a little “cave” at the back of her cage every day, so she had a safe place to hide.
She would run up to the front of the cage everyday and hiss and me and then run back, to her cave.

I remember the day she paused long enough for me to kiss her on the top of her head – she froze. She didn’t know what to do.
That was it; we were bonded for life.
What a life!

18 years with the most amazing cat I have ever known. She taught me a thing or two…she taught me how to to not sweat the small stuff and sit down and relax and very beautifully; how to die with dignity and grace.
I have never respected another being (human or otherwise), as much as I respect, Princess.

This is where I would find her at 10pm, every night; waiting (not so patiently) for bed!
Waiting to lay on my chest and soothe the day away, with her purring…

I miss you, my little, darling, love!
I want everyone to know how very special you were.
You brought me so much Awareness, Love and Joy!
Thank You.
2 years on Wednesday, Darling…
Mummy still loves you.
Goodbye, Princess!

Some Things To Consider:

Losing a Pet can be just as devastating as losing a person or a thing

People often lie when going to a support group – they say they’ve lost a spouse or someone, rather than tell people they’ve lost a pet – they’re too ashamed to tell the truth – too scared they won’t be understood

Not everyone understands the impact of the loss of a pet

The loss is just as painful as when they run away or are stolen

Consider the unfortunate people who have to leave their pets behind when they move into a retirement setting – no; they don’t all take pets – it’s devastating to them!

We often have a relationship with our pets that’s just not possible with people

Many of us struggle with the loss of our pet’s change in health

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